Despite recent changes, Portugal's Golden Visa programme stands as the unparalleled leader in providing a pathway to European citizenship.


Introduced a decade ago, this visionary initiative not only revived Portugal's real estate sector but emerged as a global success. Offering more than residency, it opens doors to Portuguese nationality, enabling seamless travel and work across all EU countries.

Golden visa drives economic revitalisation: Private equity fund option now a pathway to EU citizenship

Originally crafted to revive Portugal's real estate after the 2008 crisis, the Golden Visa programme has surpassed expectations. With the real estate sector now thriving, the focus shifts to private equity funds, stimulating vital sectors like tourism, agriculture and green energy.

The clarity in legislation marks a programme rebirth, with Sable International launching a fantastic Private Equity Fund option that offers returns and more importantly Golden Visa eligibility. In a post-uncertainty landscape, the Golden Visa's roadmap is clear, and it remains the best pathway to EU residency and passport without relocation.

Diverse investment opportunities

Portugal's real estate remains robust, attracting US retirees and British nationals post-Brexit. The passive income visa option further enhances Portugal's allure, providing a safe environment, a wonderful climate, and a cost of living substantially lower than many other European nations.

As the Golden Visa programme continues to shine brightly, it not only offers a unique pathway to Portuguese nationality, but also positions Portugal as an attractive and prosperous investment destination. Whether through the golden visa or traditional real estate investment, Portugal stands ready to welcome discerning investors seeking a secure and promising future in the heart of Europe.

In general, Portugal as well as it's Golden Visa programme continues to shine, offering a unique pathway to Portuguese nationality. With a thriving real estate sector and strategic growth in key economic sectors, Portugal is an enticing investment choice.

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