The UK is lacking a number of skilled people in various industries. Could your skill set be in demand without you even knowing it?

A crowd of people on the UK flag

While the UK government continues its drive to curb immigration figures, professionals on the UK Shortage Occupation List or ‘skills shortage list’ could find it relatively easy to qualify for a Tier 2 Visa.

The skills shortage list is specific, calling for people as diverse as geophysicists, executive chefs, welders and cellists.

Engineering jobs in the UK

Engineers are in demand, particularly in the oil and gas industry, where petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, control and instrument engineers, and process safety engineers are needed.

Railway industry jobs in the UK

In the railway industry, various managers, electronics engineers and designers are on the list, while engineers are also in demand in the aerospace, waste management and civil nuclear industries.

Medical industry jobs in the UK

In the medical arena, radiographers, neonatal nurses and anaesthetists are among those on the skills shortage list; consultants in emergency medicine, haematology and old age psychiatry are also sought after.

Other skilled people currently lacking in the UK include dancers, skilled orchestral musicians, IT specialists, graphic designers, animators and social workers.

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