If you’ve been considering citizenship-by-investment options, particularly Portugal’s residency-by-investment solution, the guaranteed buyback option provided by some developers offers some enticing benefits. Read on to learn more about how it works.

While some citizenship-by-investment programmes require a non-refundable government donation, Portugal’s Golden Visa Programme enables you to invest the entire amount (upwards of €280,000) and earn a possible return. Any profit on your initial investment is subject to tax, and, if you invest in property, you would be subject to capital gains tax when you sell, not to mention transfers fees. A return on investment is also not necessarily guaranteed, should the property market shift for example.

Some developers in Portugal have created an investment option specifically for those seeking the golden visa where they guarantee that they will buy back your property once you’ve achieved your goal of permanent residency or citizenship. This gives you the freedom to plan ahead and means you can rest assured that the money you invested will be returned to you, no matter what outside factors influence the property market or development.

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Buyback Portugal property investment options currently on offer

The Holiday Inn Beja 

€280,000 category

Holiday Inn Beja

Beja is the district capital of Alentejo. It is a family-friendly city, a short distance away from the sea, the capital, Lisbon, and neighbouring Spain.

This project will give an existing building new life, by restoring the inside and preserving a beautiful classic façade. The 4-star hotel will consist of 92 beautifully equipped rooms and a wide range of luxurious support facilities, including a commercial area with retail shops, bar and restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and a parking lot. It is situated walking distance from the historic city centre.

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Riverside Downtown Hotel Lisboa

€350,000 category

Riverside Downtown Hotel

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is known for its long history, ornate architecture, and vibrant night life. This hotel is located in the emblematic Avenida 24 de Julho, one of the most well-known avenues in Portugal. This 70-room, 4-star hotel is surrounded by a variety of services, transport links and restaurants, including the famous Time Out Market Lisboa. It will be a boutique hotel with character, offering a unique combination of prime location and creative design.


Holiday Inn BejaRiverside Lisbon Hotel
Price£ 280, 000£ 350, 000
Stay in any hotel that’s part of Mercan’s networkYes, when you come to Portugal for your required time in the country.Yes, when you come to Portugal for your required time in the country.
Pay transfer dutiesNoNo
Capital Gains TaxNoNo
Hold title deedYesYes
Promised ROINo3% guaranteed return in the investment

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