Why we started our business: Making the difficult easy

Reg Bamford founded 1st Contact in 1995 to help the many Antipodeans and South Africans moving to the UK with their tax and accounting needs.

What began as a small set-up in the Arches at Embankment soon grew into a thriving business with offices in the UK, Australia and South Africa.

We have helped over 400,000 people start their lives in the UK and 65% of our business comes from word of mouth — proof of our exceptional customer service. You don’t have to take our word for it — put us to the test and find out for yourself.

We understood the difficulties involved in opening a UK bank account as a newcomer to the UK. Wanting to make this process more efficient, we developed relationships with leading UK banks so that new arrivals could get set up with accounts within the first few days.

Over the years, this service has grown into a multi-faceted package. We take care of the admin of relocating to the UK — National Insurance numbers, international SIM cards, foreign exchange services and more.

Get in touch:

Phone numbers are toll free when calling from a landline within the country stated.

Email: 1stcontact@sableinternational.com


1st Contact UK
Relocation package

Our relocation packages will ensure that all the bases are covered before you embark on your journey.

  • A discovery call to find out exactly what your needs are and how we can support you best
  • Assistance with getting your NI number
  • Assistance with opening a UK bank account
  • UK pay as you go SIM card
  • A free currency transfer with our forex department (out of the UK)
  • Guidebook to life in the UK (including travel discounts)

Relocation package

A stress-free start to your life in Portugal

  • Discovery call with our client liaison to determine your needs
  • Portugal bank account assistance
  • Consultation with wealth advisors
  • NIF number assistance
  • Free currency transfer
  • Guidebook to life in Portugal