Why is it so difficult to open a UK bank account?

UK banks are notorious for their documentary requirements, often asking for three months of recent utility bills (from a UK address) and a lease agreement to open an account. It's rare for a newcomer in the UK to have these documents and will take some time before you're able to produce them.

That's where 1st Contact comes in. As part of our UK Relocation Package we can help you open up a bank account that suits your individual needs.

How exactly can 1st Contact help?

We have excellent working relationships with some of the UK's major banks, allowing you to open your account quickly and easily when you land in the UK.

We’ll help you open a fee-free UK bank account in one day, with:

  • No minimum deposit required
  • No need for mountains of paperwork
  • No need to stand in queues for hours

UK banks we work with:

In 2010, Metro Bank was the first new high street bank to launch in the UK in more than 150 years. They offer a variety of transaction and savings accounts as well as mortgages and personalised private banking.

HSBC Personal Banking offers a range of bank accounts with online banking 24/7, loans, mortgages, savings, investments and credit cards.

Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB, part of Lloyds Banking Group, is the largest retail bank in the UK. One in three people in the UK bank with Lloyds TSB.

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Have any questions about opening a UK bank account?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact one of our consultants.

Why can’t I open a UK bank account on my own?

You can’t open a bank account without having credit history in the UK. Most banks will ask you for three months’ worth of recent utility bills and a lease agreement before they will allow you to open an account.

I have a friend living in London and they said they would write me a letter to say that I have lived with them for three months, will this work?

This would mean opening a bank account with fraudulent documents. Banks will also insist on documents from a certifiable source regarding your length of stay in the UK. A letter from a friend will not be accepted.

How can you open an account for me?

Over many years, we have formed relationships with the UK’s leading banks. We will personally introduce you to the bank and book a meeting for you at our local branch.

This introduction, together with our long-standing relationship, allows the bank to waive the three months’ credit history requirement. Subsequently, you are able to open a bank account on the spot.

I have a British passport. Surely this means the bank will open an account for me?

Unfortunately not. Regardless of your citizenship, if you have not been resident in the country for three months, you will have to provide exactly the same documents as everybody else.

Get your UK bank account

What you need to complete this form:

A passport

Permission to live and work in the UK

To provide a UK residential address

To be over the age of 17

Two/Three minutes

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