What South Africans should consider when retiring abroad

by Tom Barlow | Sep 13, 2022

You’ve worked hard for many years and now it’s time to kick your feet up and enjoy your retirement. The question is, should you stay in South ...

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A guide to the offshore real estate terms you need to know before investing

by Megan Copley | Sep 12, 2022

Buying your first property is a big investment and all the jargon can be intimidating. We define the common terms you’ll encounter throughout ...

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Why you should invest in property in the UK

by Megan Copley | Sep 8, 2022

South African property investors have long regarded the UK as a strong market and one of the most open and welcoming countries for foreign pro...

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Retirement funds – what to do when emigrating?

by Julian Adshade | Sep 1, 2022

Retirement funds offer obvious tax benefits while you're tax resident in South Africa. However, once you leave the country, how do you access ...

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Don’t let subconscious biases affect your financial decision making

by Tom Barlow | Aug 16, 2022

Every day we make hundreds of decisions, some of them can be major, life-changing ones. We take a look at some of the subconscious biases that...

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Why you should invest in property in Portugal

by Megan Copley | Jul 25, 2022

With a booming property market, stable economy and central location, Portugal has a lot to offer South African property investors, even if you...

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9 things to consider when purchasing an offshore property investment

by Megan Copley | Jul 19, 2022

Offshore property investment benefits South Africans for a variety of reasons. It's a great opportunity for building global wealth and diversi...

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South Africans in the UK: How to get a UK mortgage

by Bill Monty | Jun 8, 2022

When you first arrive in the UK from South Africa and wish to buy a property, the UK mortgage landscape can be confusing. We break down everyt...

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Financial considerations when moving to Portugal after Brexit

by Cláudia Mendes | May 31, 2022

Despite Brexit, Portugal’s still a great option for Brits looking to relocate. It boasts a stunning climate, low cost of living, friendly loca...

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