Don’t sell the bonds in your portfolio

by Staff Writer | Apr 3, 2023

2022 saw the bond side of many portfolios deliver negative returns. In some cases, these returns were deeply negative. But bond prices might n...

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South Africa’s greylisting – what does it mean?

by Julian Adshade | Mar 3, 2023

South Africa was officially “greylisted” at the end of last month. We explain what this means and contextualise what the impact might be.

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“Lekker” – a South African perspective on adjusting to life in the UK

by Duncan Butler-Wheelhouse | Feb 22, 2023

Duncan Butler-Wheelhouse offers some tips to fellow South Africans who have recently made the move to the UK and wish to put down roots.

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Financial considerations when moving from the US to Portugal

by Cláudia Mendes | Feb 22, 2023

Moving to Portugal offers many exciting opportunities, but it is important to understand the potential financial risks that can come with livi...

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Portugal’s 2023 state budget: what you need to know

by Cláudia Mendes | Feb 16, 2023

Portugal’s released state budget for 2023 differs significantly from the budget proposed by the government. We review the main changes to tax ...

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Sable Wealth Investment Committee: Regime change brings a brighter long-term return outlook

by Staff Writer | Dec 9, 2022

Sable Wealth’s Investment Committee offers an overview of the factors impacting financial planning into 2023.

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What South Africans should consider when retiring abroad

by Staff Writer | Sep 13, 2022

You’ve worked hard for many years and now it’s time to kick your feet up and enjoy your retirement. The question is, should you stay in South ...

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Retirement funds – what to do when emigrating?

by Julian Adshade | Sep 1, 2022

Retirement funds offer obvious tax benefits while you're tax resident in South Africa. However, once you leave the country, how do you access ...

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Don’t let subconscious biases affect your financial decision making

by Staff Writer | Aug 16, 2022

Every day we make hundreds of decisions, some of them can be major, life-changing ones. We take a look at some of the subconscious biases that...

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