What is a foundation programme and how can it help you study abroad?

by Brent Morris | Feb 4, 2022

Foundation and pathway programmes offer a way for students to up their skills and get them ready for university life in a foreign country. We ...

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Australia offers fee refunds to Student and Working holiday visa holders

by Brent Morris | Jan 19, 2022

The Australian government has announced it will refund Student and Working Holiday visa application charges for the next few months. They hope...

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Here's how to study abroad as a South African

by Brent Morris | Dec 17, 2021

Studying at an international university is the first step to broadening your horizons. Not only are you granted opportunities to go overseas, ...

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How studying abroad can be a springboard to immigration

by Brent Morris | Dec 14, 2021

Time spent working abroad will strengthen your CV and help you establish your career if you decide to return home. But if you're thinking abou...

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When will international students be able to study at an Australian university?

by Brent Morris | Nov 23, 2021

As international borders open in Australia, the education sector is looking to bring back its international student body. Here is a breakdown ...

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How to study abroad in Australia and the UK as a South African

by Brent Morris | Mar 25, 2020

Studying abroad is an opportunity to learn about different cultures, meet new people and further your career. While the road to an internation...

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