Why South Africans are buying offshore properties

by Megan Copley | Oct 16, 2023

There are vastly more opportunities in real estate abroad, quite apart from the ability to earn rental income in hard currencies.

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Mastering international property investment: Habits of successful property investors

by Megan Copley | Sep 28, 2023

A successful and savvy real estate investor always lays a solid foundation. Here are the fundamental practices you should adopt to build up yo...

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Buying property in Greece – An ideal offshore investment option

by Megan Copley | Mar 23, 2023

Here's everything you need to know about this offshore property investment hotspot, which boasts picturesque beaches and a wealth of historica...

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A guide to the offshore real estate terms you need to know before investing

by Megan Copley | Sep 12, 2022

Buying your first property is a big investment and all the jargon can be intimidating. We define the common terms you’ll encounter throughout ...

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Why you should invest in property in the UK

by Megan Copley | Sep 8, 2022

South African property investors have long regarded the UK as a strong market and one of the most open and welcoming countries for foreign pro...

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Why you should invest in property in Portugal

by Megan Copley | Jul 25, 2022

With a booming property market, stable economy and central location, Portugal has a lot to offer South African property investors, even if you...

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