Get a Golden Visa in Portugal and 100% of your investment returned to you

by Nathalie Ferreira | Jan 24, 2023

If you’ve been considering citizenship-by-investment options, particularly Portugal’s residency-by-investment solution, the guaranteed buyback...

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Portugal’s parliament votes against closing golden visa

by Nathalie Ferreira | Nov 24, 2022

The future of Portugal’s popular Golden Visa Programme was thrown into doubt earlier this month when Prime Minister António Costa said the pro...

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Portuguese government considers ending its Golden Visa

by Nathalie Ferreira | Nov 7, 2022

Following great debate, Portugal’s Prime minister António Costa revealed his government is considering bringing the country’s Golden Visa Prog...

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Moving to Portugal – Our guide to the Portuguese education system

by Nathalie Ferreira | Jul 12, 2022

Portugal has become an immigration hotspot thanks to its maritime climate, growing economy and friendly tax regime. For people moving with chi...

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Golden Visa stays – Portuguese citizenship-by-investment still viable

by Nathalie Ferreira | Jul 4, 2022

Portugal’s Golden Visa Programme is back on track and foreign investors can now submit their applications.

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How to move to Portugal: What are your options

by Staff Writer | Sep 29, 2021

Portugal is consistently voted as one of the safest countries in the world and offers a low-cost, high standard of living in a stunning Medite...

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