The American EB-5 visa: A green card through investment

by Sarah Young | May 22, 2024

The EB-5 visa is one of the most straightforward routes to a US green card and can lead to citizenship after five years of residency. For a mi...

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UK Graduate visa to stay (for now)

by John Dunn | May 15, 2024

The Graduate visa allows international students to remain in the UK for at least two years after completing their studies and provides a stepp...

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Now's the best time to invest in the Greek Golden Visa

by Richard Haller | May 13, 2024

The Greek Golden Visa programme can grant your family access to Europe and provide a strong Euro-based investment to diversify your asset base...

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Australia's employer-sponsored visa: Changes to come in 2024

by Sam Hopwood | May 13, 2024

A new Skills in Demand visa will replace the Temporary Skills Shortage visa and promises faster processing times, increased job mobility and a...

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The big overhaul of the UK's Shortage Occupation List

by Darren Faife | Apr 29, 2024

On 4 April 2024, the UK Home Office renamed the Shortage Occupation List to the Immigration Salary List. It has also restructured some aspects...

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How to navigate double taxation on SA living annuities for non-tax residents

by William Louw | Apr 29, 2024

If you are a South African living abroad with a living annuity, a Double Taxation Agreement can help avoid being taxed on the same income twic...

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