A tax guide when working for a South African company

by William Louw | Jan 25, 2022

Working across borders has a significant impact on how much tax you pay and to which country that tax is to be paid. We clear up some confusio...

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Why the UK is still one of the best countries for business expansion

by Scott Brown | Jan 13, 2022

You and your business are becoming more successful and it’s time to expand into a global market. Here are some reasons why you should look to ...

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What the UK dividend tax rate increase means for your small business

by Scott Brown | Dec 1, 2021

The dividend and National Insurance tax rates are set to rise on 6 April 2022 to help fund health and social care. We look at what the dividen...

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7 ways SMEs can be environmentally friendly and responsible

by Scott Brown | Nov 29, 2021

SMEs are coming under pressure to be more environmentally friendly. But more often than not, they don’t know where to begin or what steps to t...

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The benefits of setting up a UK subsidiary company

by Scott Brown | Nov 18, 2021

Expanding your business to the UK is a big step and one of the first decisions you’ll be faced with is whether you should open a branch or sub...

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Sole trader, LLP, subsidiary - what’s the best company structure for your UK business?

by Scott Brown | Nov 15, 2021

There are a number of ways you can go about setting up a business in the UK, from operating as a sole trader, a limited liability partnership ...

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UK Budget 2021: How Sunak’s post-Covid economy plans will affect small business

by Scott Brown | Oct 27, 2021

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has presented his second Spending Review and Budget for this year, where he set forth plans to prepare the UK for a “ne...

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The quick guide to South African provisional tax for individuals

by William Louw | Sep 28, 2021

Provisional taxpayers need to submit two provisional tax returns during the tax year. If you earn an income other than a salary from an employ...

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Emigrating from South Africa? Here’s your ultimate tax emigration guide

by William Louw | Sep 23, 2021

With the rapid increase of international opportunities, many South Africans are heading abroad to work and, in some cases, settle permanently....

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