What business expenses can I claim through my limited company?

by Scott Brown | Sep 22, 2021

Understanding how business expenses work is the first step to ensuring your company is as tax efficient as possible. In this guide, we break d...

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How does a limited company work in the UK?

by Scott Brown | Sep 22, 2021

We cut through the accounting speak to explain in simple terms what a limited company is and why you might want to set one up if you’re a self...

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Tax implications for small businesses with employees stranded abroad

by Scott Brown | Sep 10, 2021

Travel restrictions could have resulted in companies inadvertently creating permanent establishments in other jurisdictions and, for certain b...

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Risky business: Underinsurance is a big threat to your business

by Scott Brown | Aug 12, 2021

Business insurance doesn’t only help you hedge against the risks of financial losses but also gives you peace of mind that you’re covered shou...

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New UK capital gains tax rules: Pay in 30 days or face penalties

by Scott Brown | Aug 5, 2021

Do not wait until the next tax year to report gains on UK residential property sold after 6 April 2020. You may have to pay interest and a pen...

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SARS warns expat tax avoiders: We’re coming for you

by William Louw | Jul 2, 2021

This tax season, SARS is stepping up efforts to collect tax from non-compliant South Africans overseas, with the aid of artificial intelligenc...

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Beware of these small business scams in the UK

by Scott Brown | May 18, 2021

Recently there’s been an upsurge in small business scams being reported. Fraudsters are pretending to be from government departments such as H...

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How to check if you’re on the right tax code

by Scott Brown | May 11, 2021

It may look like a random assortment of numbers and letters, but your tax code plays a vital role in determining how much of your hard-earned ...

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A complete guide to understanding the UK tax system

by Scott Brown | Apr 29, 2021

The UK’s tax system is extremely complicated if you’re new to the country, or if you have just started paying tax in the UK. It’s a good idea ...

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