If you’re playing the long game, you should be investing in ISAs

by Staff Writer | Jun 22, 2015

At Sable, one of our key goals is to achieve appropriate long-term investment returns adjusted for risk, costs, and tax. The latter is an impo...

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Why professional indemnity insurance is essential for contractors

by Staff Writer | Apr 9, 2015

Professional indemnity (PI) is a type of insurance that covers your legal defence costs as well as any damages resulting from claims of “negli...

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The 2015 retirement conundrum

by Staff Writer | Mar 23, 2015

The Baby Boomers have arrived and it’s into a perfect storm that they have stumbled. The largest demographic in the UK is entering the “at ret...

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Trim the fat off your finances in the New Year

by Staff Writer | Jan 9, 2015

The festive season has come and gone and a new year stretches out in front of us. But how can we hope to make the most of it if we are held ba...

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Is quantitative easing a viable solution to Europe’s woes?

by Staff Writer | Jan 1, 2015

The ECB’s quantitative easing programme will leave Europe more uncertain than ever about its economic future. But we have every reason to feel...

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Detrimental beliefs and behaviours in investment management

by Staff Writer | Dec 11, 2014

I’d like to share with you a very interesting study released by the State Street Center for Applied Research. The report is titled “The Folklo...

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MMR: The morning after

by Staff Writer | Sep 27, 2014

As people are gradually noticing, it’s becoming a lot harder to take out a new mortgage. At the Sable International, we’ve noticed a definite ...

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Actively managed vs passive investment strategies

by Staff Writer | Sep 23, 2014

The debate between active and passive investment remains a point of contention amongst the investment community and, as interest in index-link...

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Pound cost averaging: An investor lifebuoy

by Staff Writer | Sep 7, 2014

It is a stormy time for markets across the world with no sign of let up just yet. Almost every day, a new factor emerges that throws condition...

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