Australian visa changes 2021 – Business and investment updates

by Sam Hopwood | Mar 26, 2021

A simplified Australian Business Innovation and Investment Programme will halve the number of streams and provide clearer routes to permanent ...

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South African retirement fund guidelines are changing – how will this affect you?

by Cláudia Mendes | Mar 26, 2021

Draft amendments to Regulation 28 from Treasury show a focus on infrastructure investment. In this article we cleave through the misinformatio...

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Benefits of switching from a work visa to a spouse visa

by John Dunn | Mar 26, 2021

If you are legally in the UK on a work visa, you may be able to switch to a partner visa from within the UK. The spouse visa offers some great...

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Navigating forex complexities when paying employees abroad

by Saskia Johnston | Mar 24, 2021

One of the less obvious, but critical issues of structuring a remote-working, fully internationalised business is how employees are paid – and...

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Small business superheroes: Why an accountant is your secret weapon

by Scott Brown | Mar 23, 2021

Having an accountant by your side as you make business plans for the future is the best way to ensure you are protected from any potential fin...

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An introduction to Business Immigration: Our meet the team series

by Staff Writer | Mar 17, 2021

At Sable International, our goal is to help you achieve success, however you define it. Over the years, so much of our success has been define...

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Finding a community of expats in the UK

by Leanne Shrosbree | Mar 15, 2021

Finding a community of like-minded expats in the UK from your home country can be challenging. Whether you’re contemplating the big move, or a...

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Dual citizenship: Your South African citizenship may have been revoked

by John Dunn | Mar 11, 2021

Due to a law created in 1949, South Africans who acquire citizenship in another country, formally and voluntary, without first applying for co...

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New UK immigration rules taking effect from April 2021

by Darren Faife | Mar 10, 2021

The Home Office has published a new set of UK immigration rule changes. The majority of them relate to the work and study routes and take effe...

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