How Capital Gains Tax works in the UK

by Scott Brown | May 23, 2017

If you have assets in the UK and are looking to sell, or have sold them, you may have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Taxable assets can be an...

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IR35 and public sector clients: How to avoid a nasty surprise on your tax return

by Ashley Deakin | Apr 20, 2017

New legislation introduced in April 2017 means that the IR35 status for contractors working for public sector clients will now be set by the c...

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Picking the right company structure for your UK business

by Scott Brown | Apr 7, 2017

Choosing a legal structure when setting up a company in the UK is an important decision. It will affect the way in which your business will be...

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Don’t get duped! The ultimate guide to tax refunds scams in the UK

by Kobus van den Bergh | Jan 16, 2017

Whether it’s a bogus email or a fake phone call, scammers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to get their hands on your personal det...

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How to check if you’re on the right tax code

by Kobus van den Bergh | Oct 31, 2016

It may look like a random assortment of numbers and letters, but your tax code plays a vital role in determining how much of your hard-earned ...

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How to create a VAT invoice

by Kobus van den Bergh | Oct 11, 2016

Whether you are a freelancer, a sole-trader or a contractor in the UK, it’s essential to know how to create a valid VAT invoice. We share a fe...

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How to claim a teacher tax rebate

by Kobus van den Bergh | Sep 28, 2016

If you’re a teacher in the UK, you may be due a tax refund from HMRC. Amongst others things, you could claim for professional body membership ...

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IR35 – does it apply to you?

by Kobus van den Bergh | Jul 21, 2016

If you’re working as a contractor, you’ve probably encountered IR35 legislation. It’s essential to know your IR35 status as you could face ste...

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What you should include in a shareholder agreement

by Ashley Deakin | Jun 17, 2016

Being prepared for tough times is key for any entrepreneur. This is particularly true if you are setting up a business in a foreign country. C...

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