UK nationality focus: Ancestry

by Staff Writer | Aug 12, 2011

Almost 15% of those people who qualify for and hold a UK Ancestry visa are already British but don’t realise it. This is because of anomalies ...

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20 interesting facts about Poland

by Staff Writer | Jun 9, 2011

Continuing our series, this month we look at fascinating Poland. A country rich in history, Poland is home to over 39 million people.

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20 interesting facts about South Africa

by Staff Writer | Oct 18, 2010

Last month we gave you 20 interesting facts about the land down under. This month, we feature South Africa. You might know already that South ...

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20 Interesting Facts About the Land Down Under

by Staff Writer | Sep 8, 2010

Home to many weird and wonderful fauna and flora, interesting people and an extremely diverse landscape, Australia is no doubt a very interest...

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Songs about London

by Staff Writer | Jul 14, 2010

For centuries now, London has been a source of inspiration for singers and songwriters and there are an infinite number of songs about London ...

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Considering applying for a visa? Your FAQs… Answered!

by Staff Writer | Jun 23, 2010

We receive a huge number of calls every day from people considering taking the plunge and living and working in the UK. And more often than no...

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