HMRC demands that these UK expats submit tax returns

by Staff Writer | Sep 29, 2017

If you earn income in the UK from things like a pension, rent, interest from savings, dividends or wages, you will likely have to file tax ret...

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Remortgage, anyone?

by Staff Writer | Sep 27, 2017

With interest rates at record lows in the UK and the Bank of England warning last week that rates will rise sooner than markets predict, now c...

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By sea, air or road: Which method of shipment is right for you?

by Staff Writer | Sep 14, 2017

There’s a lot to consider when shipping your belongings from A to B. One of the most important factors is which shipping method is the best fo...

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Pension auto enrolment – does it apply to UK contractors?

by Staff Writer | Aug 2, 2017

We all now know that the UK government has become concerned that the work force is not putting enough money aside to cover their financial req...

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Paying into a UK pension? Don’t forget to claim your tax refund

by Staff Writer | Jul 10, 2017

Whether you receive a state, company or personal pension through PAYE in the UK, there are a number of reasons why you may end up overpaying t...

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IR35 and public sector clients: How to avoid nasty tax surprises

by Staff Writer | Apr 20, 2017

New legislation introduced in April 2017 means that the IR35 status for contractors working for public sector clients will now be set by the c...

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